A New Challenger!

With the New Year approaching and my having just acquired a fairly nice screenprinting press…  I would like to show off what I hope to be one of many t-shirt designs I plan to offer this coming year.

KOF 20th Anniversary Shirt Design (Mockup)


The image is simulated, I hope to be able to do it in gold and silver foil, with some white ink.  Though I may only be able to do it in one color of foil at all… And even then, it may not be worth it because the foil printing is rather fragile, apparently.  Nevertheless! I really like the design, so it will appear in one form or another, rest assured!KOF 20th Anniversary Shirt Design


Necessary legal stuff: ‘The King of Fighters’ name and the ‘F’ logo motif are the property of SNK Playmore and have been used without permission, the shirt design is my own work based on the original KOF logo and I assert no ownership over SNK Playmore’s properties nor any relationship with SNK Playmore.

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projectZERO – Specs

I plan on putting together a second prototype utilizing all the lessons learned from the first one, and using that to really show off the design.  Before I undertake that endeavor, I need to get all my ducks in a row.  So, in the meantime I thought I’d share the specs for the projectZERO fightstick, based on the prototypes.

Standard ‘Compact’ size: 11×6.5×2.125″ WxDxH

  • Normal-sized Vewlix/TE style layout, but reduced overall size.

Solid All-Metal Outer Construction

  • 1/16″ (1.5mm) 6063 Aluminium Sheet top, bottom, and rear panels.
  • Aluminium Sheet surround. (Alloy and thickness can varies depending on pattern)
  • Support posts machined from solid 6063 Aluminium bar stock.
  • Stainless steel fasteners and hardware.
  • Durable powder coat finish. (Available in wide range of colors and combinations!)

As Solid INSIDE as Out

  • Wiring harness built to surpass arcade hardware standards.
  • High-quality connectors.
  • Sleeved wiring.
  • Single connection for each button group, for quick disassembly.

Other Features

  • Genuine Sanwa parts.
  • Standard Vewlix layout, others available.
  • Toodles’ ChImp PS3/PC controller PCB, dual-mod capable. (Instructions included.)
  • Premium Neutrik RJ45 connection.
  • Access hole (With cover.) directly under joystick, for quick and easy shaft removal/balltop swap.
  • Every controller comes standard with a cushioned T-handle hex wrench, and bag of replacement hardware.
Additional Options
  • Aluminium dust washers on joystick. (Powder coated!)
  • Premium RJ45-to-USB cable; Neutrik locking EtherCon connector and your choice of cable sleeving!
  • Custom ergonomic button layout made to fit your hand.

So yeah, as you can see, this thing is totally badass! :3  If you want to ask about buying a stick, or just want to know when I’ll have a finished one to show off, email inquiries@<this domain>.

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projectZERO is the name given to my latest fightstick design, or rather my first serious one.  I’ve been making fighting game controllers for myself for a number of years, but put heavy emphasis on function over form.  This was an effort to make the controller look as good as it played.  Having recently acquired a metalworking lathe and mill, as well as the ability to powder coat parts…it became obvious what the controller was going to be made out of.

After some quality time with my favorite CAD package, I came up with something I was fairly proud of.

The physical prototype turned out very well for a first crude effort, though I learned a lot from the process that will help next time.  The layout differs slightly from my original design, because I made this for someone and they wanted a standard Vewlix layout.

The next iteration will be a bit more polished, and will hopefully not take very much time.  I’m very excited, not least of which because the next one will actually be mine! If all goes well, I’ll have an idea of my ability to produce these at regular intervals, because if the praise I’ve gotten about it is any indication, there’s quite a market for a controller built like a tank.

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This Project is No Longer Covert

It was as an homage to my favorite gaming company– SNK, whose original un-abbreviated name was Shin Nihon Kikaku –that I named this site, dedicated to my love of arcade hardware and fighting games. Arcade Kikaku…The Arcade Project.

Not only does the name symbolically pay tribute to SNK, it is also an apt description. Almost every product I develop started out as a ‘What if…’ or ‘You know what would be cool?’ project that I undertook out of curiosity and my desire to Make Cool Things.

That said, this site is now going live.  I’ll likely be futzing with the layout and theme a bit over the next week or so since I’d damn near forgotten how CSS and everything works, but it’s live.  I plan to begin detailing some of the projects I have in the works, as well as setting up a shop when I actually start taking orders.

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