This Project is No Longer Covert

It was as an homage to my favorite gaming company– SNK, whose original un-abbreviated name was Shin Nihon Kikaku –that I named this site, dedicated to my love of arcade hardware and fighting games. Arcade Kikaku…The Arcade Project.

Not only does the name symbolically pay tribute to SNK, it is also an apt description. Almost every product I develop started out as a ‘What if…’ or ‘You know what would be cool?’ project that I undertook out of curiosity and my desire to Make Cool Things.

That said, this site is now going live.  I’ll likely be futzing with the layout and theme a bit over the next week or so since I’d damn near forgotten how CSS and everything works, but it’s live.  I plan to begin detailing some of the projects I have in the works, as well as setting up a shop when I actually start taking orders.

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