projectZERO is the name given to my latest fightstick design, or rather my first serious one.  I’ve been making fighting game controllers for myself for a number of years, but put heavy emphasis on function over form.  This was an effort to make the controller look as good as it played.  Having recently acquired a metalworking lathe and mill, as well as the ability to powder coat parts…it became obvious what the controller was going to be made out of.

After some quality time with my favorite CAD package, I came up with something I was fairly proud of.

The physical prototype turned out very well for a first crude effort, though I learned a lot from the process that will help next time.  The layout differs slightly from my original design, because I made this for someone and they wanted a standard Vewlix layout.

The next iteration will be a bit more polished, and will hopefully not take very much time.  I’m very excited, not least of which because the next one will actually be mine! If all goes well, I’ll have an idea of my ability to produce these at regular intervals, because if the praise I’ve gotten about it is any indication, there’s quite a market for a controller built like a tank.

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